How to prepare a loan package for a bank or lender

How to prepare a loan package for a bank or lender

A loan package is usually used for property development projects and acquisitions, but there are parts of the package that apply to other types of commercial and commercial loans and finances. If you are looking for a loan or financing from a commercial or lender or financing from a venture capital company or investor, it is important to present a well-organized, detailed loan package. The package provides the loan officer, investor or venture capitalist with the necessary information to assess the profitability of your loan or financial inquiry, and in turn gives you a loan form and commitment. All lenders and sources of funding have different requirements, so customize your financial package with their parameters.

Loan packages can be volume and paper-demanding, so it's important that it is well-organized with a detailed table of contents and alphabetical tabs that indicate different sections. This way, the borrower can easily find the information needed in the package when analyzing and assessing your loan education and the following terms.

The loan package should be bound in paper form, scanned to a disc and available for online download. If you send to the debtor a paper copy, be sure to include the package on a disk as well. This allows the lender to print different sections for different loan committee members and decision makers. The disc should be well-organized, with each part of the loan package as a separate, marked folder, all presented in the order specified in the table of contents, which should be the first folder on the disc.

Prior to the loan package is a loan summary, two to three pages long, summarizing the key parts of your loan or financing request. The loan summary is the first part of the loan package and can also be used as an independent document to generate and measure interest in your project. If used as standalone, it should be accompanied by a summary. The loan summary is a loan package what a summary is for a business plan, a summary of the most important aspects and facts in the overall loan package. For this reason, the summary should be developed after the loan package is completed.

Below you will find a draft format for the loan summary and packages. Modify them to fit your specific project and funding request.

Proposals for Loans Summary Format - Company Information, Project Description, Company and Project Manager Experience Overview, Sources and Use of Funds, Required Borrowing Requirements, Summary of Assets and Collateral, Projects Economic Summary, Present Companies and Projects Economic Summary

Suggested loan package format - table of contents; Summary of the loan Company and project information, Contact information and History; Principles of backgrounds, experience and resumption; key project staff, managers and managers experience and responsibility; company and project organizational schedule; business registration; project description; project pictures and renderings; key roles and relationships - companies, strategic partners, third parties and government sources and the use of funds companies and projects security, assets, mortgages and loans; schedule for real estate leasing companies and principals credit status and credit reports; chief executives and corporate accounting; company balance sheet; project budget companies and project cash flow analyzes; commitments prior to sale project assessments and valuations project studies, feasibility studies, business plan, consultancy studies and engineering studies; project proposals and contracts, leases and escrow agreements; title policy; annual reports; Tax return - Personal and entrepreneurial projects strategic plan and timeline; project design plans, specifications, drawings, surveys and maps; project cost allocation design cash and financial payment schedule; project design cash flow analysis project and company advisors, consultants, contractors, construction teams, legal firms, accounting firms and engineering companies.

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